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People come in all different shapes and sizes, therefore, we recommend measuring your wrist circumference with a measuring tape and select from one of our options:
6 ½'', 6 ¾'', 7'',7 ¼'', 7 ½'', 7 ¾'', 8''
If you do not fit under any of these sizes please message us when checking out with your measurement for a custom order.
 6 ½
'' is typically child size
''- 7 ½'' is average female size
''- 8 ½'' is average male size


Known as a master healer stone.
Associated with the sky, & bringing sky energy to earth.
Promotes honest & clear communication from the heart.
Protects against pollution in the environment, & brings abundance. Turquoise is associated with the Throat chakra.

  All of our bracelets are made to accommodate your favourite essential oils and fragrances. You have the option of sandalwood or black lava. Sandalwood has been used for over 4000 years and has been said to calm the mind and enhance mental clarity. Lava Rock or Basalt, on the other hand, is said to helps to allow stability throughout changes in one’s life.

Please specify in the comment section “sandalwood” or “lava” center stone when checking out. If you prefer just a simple plain bracelet please specify “no center bead” instead.

      Code: jbturquoise

Description: Metaphysical stretchy bracelet in Turquoise shown here with a turquoise center bead. Lava or Sandalwood center bead can be added at no cost.

Price: $68.00

Turquoise Stretchy Bracelet 6 ½ inches

Turquoise Stretchy Bracelet 6 ¾ inches

Turquoise Stretchy Bracelet 7 inches


Turquoise Stretchy Bracelet 7 ¼ inches

Turquoise Stretchy Bracelet 7 ½ inches


Turquoise Stretchy Bracelet 7 ¾ inches

Turquoise Stretchy Bracelet 8 inches

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