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Bedazzled Geometric Cut Crystal Necklaces

Ranging in sizes from 25mm to 15mm to accent the natural beauty and cuts of these.
They are both finished with a modern Sterling Circular Clasp.
This 20mm clasp offers the wearer many options: clasp at back, side or front.
This versatile clasp also allows the wearer to add another necklace of gems, chain or pendant.

Length :
One necklace measure 18 inches.      Price   $ 258.

One necklace measures 20 inches.    Price    $258.






Bedazzled Geometric Cut Bracelet with Metal Magnetic Clasp

25mm to 15mm Crystal Stones

The metal magnetic clasp is set with crystals adding to the dazzle.

Length: 8 1/2 inches

Price $120.

Teardrop Full Faceted Crystal Drop Earrings

20mm Crystal drops with a delicate black onyx, placed on a textured curved hook.

Length of design (top to bottom) approx. 45mm.

Price $105.


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